Repurposing Land to Supply Individuals With Fair, Economical Housing Options

The Mission of Blue Goose Community Development Corp. is to improve the quality of life for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors by working together on projects and issues that will:

  • create and maintain a safe, mixed-income, sustainable community;
  • support economic opportunities for businesses and current/future residents of the Blue Goose Neighborhood;
  • enhance the physical location of the neighborhood; and
  • instill a sense of pride and commitment in this historic area.

BGCD hopes to cultivate the return of economic and cultural vibrancy to this historic Shreveport neighborhood – a neighborhood that was an important and inspirational destination during the African American Blues Music movement.

The Blue Goose Neighborhood is near downtown Shreveport, Louisiana. It is a contained area with the boundaries of Baker Street and Princess Park to the East, the Kansas City Southern Railroad track to the North, Fairfield Avenue to the South, and Sam Fertitta Drive to the West.

Blue Goose Community Development Corp. is a start-up nonprofit corporation domiciled in Shreveport, Louisiana. Our primary focus is the restoration and development of the historic Blue Goose Neighborhood. We will restore existing homes to livable structures, and build new community facilities.

Upon its restoration, current residents will finally be able to enjoy living in a beautiful historic neighborhood, utilize modern conveniences, access entertainment, educational, and art activities, and enjoy a higher standard of living. New residents will diversify and grow the community as neighbors, businesspeople and community partners. Our target customer base will consist of diverse socioeconomic, ethnic and age groups.

BGCD’s strength lies in:
• our partnerships with successful developers in the region,
• the diversity of our officers and Board Members
• a long history of work in construction and design, and
• our relationships with current Blue Goose Neighborhood residents and the City of Shreveport Community Development Department.

Upon finalization of this project, we hope to expand and build “Blues Music Villages” in culturally important historic neighborhoods throughout the United States. Like the Blue Goose Neighborhood, each development will be a replica of housing from the past, with higher density opportunities for urban areas.

Families work hard. We are making home ownership possible for them.

Askari Hinton, Founder

Askari Hinton

is a 2012 graduate of Southern University in Shreveport. He holds an Associate Degree in Business Management and Accounting. Hinton is the former Director of the Blue Goose Foundation – a designated partner in the City of Shreveport’s 2010 West Edge/Ledbetter Heights Development Initiative. He is a licensed welder, and enjoys traveling throughout the United States with various companies as a contracted professional.
Askari is a lifelong resident of the Blue Goose Neighborhood, and he is passionate about helping the area return to its historic economic and cultural vibrancy.

Blue Goose Community Development is a 501(c)(3) organization. • 82-1730389

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